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Aishatu Ahmadu known as Goddess Musiq is an American Rapper, Songwriter, Speaker, Poet, Author, Mystic and Healer who recently released her first official mixtape in June 2021. Her authentic hip-hop story telling style of rap has gained the attention of quite a few industry producers. She simply has the "it" factor. Through bold, and courageous lyrics she tells the world all about her daunting childhood. She first began rapping at the tender age of 12. Her aunt gifted her the "Stillmatic" album by Nas that Christmas, and she fell in love with word play and perfected her craft. At the age of 33 she has become a skilled lyricist. Rapping was and always has been a form of therapy for her. On her project "Creating My Reality" Goddess Musiq is vulnerable about her life going from "doomed" to positive. Goddess began her spiritual journey about 5 years ago and all of the processes, teachings, and tools she has discovered helped her "Unleash The Goddess Within". Goddess found a pot of gold and has a passion to share it with the world, and that's how 13 Degrees Of Gold was born. Every Service, Product, and Spiritual tool offered here are things that personally helped Goddess shift and create her reality. Her mission is to help others improve their quality of life by helping them change their perceptions and perspectives, she teaches this method through the universal laws. Goddess Musiq approaches life as a spirit having a human experience, and helps others become the creators in their lives doing the same. Grab her project from here under the shop tab.  She is also streaming on all platforms and social media type in Creating My Reality by Goddess Musiq.  Goddess provides Ghost Writing, Lyric Composing, Performances, Speeches, Poetry, Modeling, Hosting, 1 on 1 Spiritual Guidance Sessions, and Affirmation and Mantra Song Creation Sessions. Book her for a session, an event, or performance today @

The Gold behind the 13


13 Degrees°of Gold was inspired to me by my Oversoul. The name embodies who I am and what I do. The Number 13 represents the divine feminine, death, rebirth, and transformation. I had to let the "old me" die, rebirth into the goddess, and transform the energy. The 13th letter of the alphabet is M. So many of my favorite words begin with M such as Mystic, Mother, Magic, Money, Marriage, Moon, Manifest, Miracle, Me, Muse, May, Majestic, Masterpiece, Marvelous, and so many more. We have 13 cycles in a year. 13 represents individuality, achievement and optimism. It is the number of leadership and taking the initiative. The complete numerology of 13 Degrees°of Gold is 14. 14 is the number of media, communication, being an excellent orator, heightened success, travel, adventure, and 14 reduces to 5 which is all about freedom.
        Gold is the color of wealth, success and status. The color gold is the color of compassion, achievement and triumph. At the uppermost level, this is a color which is associated with higher ideals, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment. It inspires knowledge, spirituality and a deep understanding of the self and the soul. Gold a yellow precious metal, is the chemical element of atomic number 79, used especially in jewelry and decoration and to guarantee the value of currencies. 7+9=16, 1+6=7, and 7 just "happens" to be my life path number. 
Gold is absolutely my favorite element. In order for gold to melt you have to raise the temperature to a certain degree. Once the gold liquefies it can be molded into anything, you literally become the creator. The things I have experienced in life were all apart of the temperature rising to the perfect degree for me to become fuild, and intentionally create. I AM GOLD. 

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